Add new REDCap Project and API Key


Once you have the RED-I configuration ready you can create a new REDCap project

Note: The instructions below assume you have the permissions to create a new REDCap project, create a user, set user permissions, and create an API Token. Depending on how your REDCap server is configured you may or may not have the permissions to do these tasks yourself. Please consult with your local REDCap managers for assistance if you do not see these options.

1. Create new Project

Open in the browser the REDCap url. Select the Create New Project tab. Enter <your_project_name> for the project title. Please check below images for reference.

alt text
alt text

2. Authorize People

To adjust user rights, access the User Rights tool via the menu on the left side of the REDCap screen.

alt text

or click on User Rights button in the Project Setup

alt text

In REDCap User Rights, set Data Entry Rights as per your needs.Please check below image

alt text

3. Create an API Token

For the data in your project to be used by programs, those programs will need access through API interface. You will need to create an API Token to allow those programs to authenticate and get the correct permissions on your project.

This token can be created on any account, but for automated processes a service account will provide a more reliable authentication. Add a user in this REDCap project with the permissions shown below:

alt text

After you have created the new user, login as that user and request an Read-only API button on the left hand toolbar.

alt text

4. Export Data

If you have data in this project that needs to be preserved, you can export it using the steps listed in the section 2 above.

5. Backup Data

If you would like to backup this project along with other REDCap projects, please follow the procedures listed in the section 3. If you want to initialize the project with no data in it, follow the procedures in section 2.

6. Document the Existence of the Project

Please update the document with a detailed decription of the new project.