Clinical Data SpecificationΒΆ

Clinical data from an Epic Clarity system should conform to this specification. The specification was designed to adhere to default Epic Clarity field names and data formats wherever possible.

  • All data will be returned in the UTF8 Character set
  • The first row of the file will be a header row showing the name of each column, enclosed in double quotes and separated by commas.
  • The field names in the header row will be those shown below. The case of each column name should be that shown below.
  • Subsequent rows will show lab result values. All values will be enclosed in double quotes and separated by commas.
  • Each row will show one lab result value.

These fields may be specified in the data file:

Field Name      Field Required?  Field Description
STUDY_ID            yes          Identifier of a person within a study
NAME                yes          Name of lab component
COMPONENT_ID        yes          Numeric identifier of lab component
ORD_VALUE           yes          Result value for lab component
REFERENCE_LOW       no           Lowest expected value for ORD_VALUE
REFERENCE_HIGH      no           Highest expected value for ORD_VALUE
REFERENCE_UNIT      yes          Units for ORD_VALUE
SPECIMN_TAKEN_TIME  yes          Date and time specimen was taken from the patient/study subject. Date must be formatted as "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS".